About Me

Hello, my name is Tyler Hassig. I am a Peace Corps Masters International student receiving my graduate degree in Environmental Studies through the College of Charleston, SC.
I arrived in the Philippines in July of 2013 for 27 months of adventure and service as a US Peace Corps Volunteer. This blog will follow my travels, experiences, and life in this beautiful country. Currently, I am living and working on an island called Guimaras where I am promoting the protection of coastal ecosystems and the sustainability of the island’s natural resources. While here I will also be developing a thesis project involving the management of Marine Protected Areas, and hopefully making a positive impact on the coastal communities of Guimaras. Most importantly though, my time in the Philippines allows me the opportunity to learn and enjoy a new culture, which I hope to share through this blog.

My friend Sarah and I in South Carolina before parting ways, she is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, working with cashew farmers to promote sustainable agriculture initiatives.



12 Responses to About Me

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey adventurer!!!!
    Love your Celine Dion reference. I know you can climb any mountain!!!! At breakfast right now with Sarah in the middle of nowhere VT. Wish you could be here. Sad to hear you were in the hospital 😦
    Keep me posted!

  2. Jesse Davis says:

    Have a good day.
    Jess & Patt Davis

  3. Lizzi Wood says:

    Hi Tyler, Love ya’s at MarineLab!

  4. Coreyanna says:


    I miss you! Can’t believe you and Sarah are on such an amazing adventure!!!!! PLEASE email me your address- I have a package to send you with some goodies from Sarah and peeps!!! My email is camoore420@gmail.com. I expect to hear from you soon sir!!



  5. sindy hassig says:

    Hi Tyler
    Great work on your blog. Your writing is really good. With the pictures I can almost feel like I am there. What a mix of experiences. The poverty sounds so bleak. It would be really hard to see that.
    Then the extreme beauty on the flip side.
    The eco tourism project sounds perfect for you. Especially since you are now a known entertainer in your area!
    Stay well. Pray for you every day.
    Looking forward to your next entry.
    love, Aunt Sindy

  6. Mike says:

    Yo dude,

    Everything ok with you after the earthquake?
    Hope all is well.


  7. brian says:

    Hey man
    Just heard there’s a monster typhoon headed your way. Landfall in twelve hours?!?! Sustained winds of 190 mph!! Email me when you can so I know you’re alive lol. Talk to you soon brother.

  8. Shawn says:

    I read your article about Dana Jordan (my girlfriend) in the weekly updates and submitted it to her local, hometown newspaper. They want your permission to re-print it. What do you say?

  9. katiegilluly says:

    Ty! just found your blog, love it. I think it’s funny that I can actually hear these words coming out of your mouth as you say it. Nice pictures too…you are much better at this blogging thing than me.

  10. Paul Stiles says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I’m covering the Western Visayas for Lonely Planet and will be on Panay next month (July). I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on ecotourism opportunities in the region. Could you please contact me?

    Many thanks,


  11. Jota Uparela says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I am a RPCV Colombia, 2011-14 and am working in a dive center in Bohol with my boyfriend. We are interested in hearing more about your work in MPAs and with coral reefs. Any projects we can get involved with or people/organizations in our area that we could contact?

    Thanks so much!
    Christina and Jose

  12. Amber Wong says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I just found your blog – I will be leaving for the Philippines this July as a Peace Corps volunteer! (Also in Environment, Coastal Resource Management). I know this is a loaded question, but I have not had the chance to talk to anybody who is in the same sector I will soon be joining – I am wondering how you prepared for your service prior to staging and during training. I am not part of the Master’s international program, but I would still love to hear about your pre-departure experience, if you have the time. Thank you!


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